Somewhere Between Two States of Matter (2018 – 2019) Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada (READ CATALOGUE ESSAY)

Nkweshkdaadiimgak Minwaa Bakeziibiisan | Confluences and Tributaries: Michael Belmore and A.J. Casson (2018 – 2019) Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood (2017) Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

mskwi•blood•sang (2017) Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (READ CATALOGUE ESSAY)

fenda (2016) Nogueira da Silva Museum, Braga, Portugal

Hide: Skin as Material & Metaphor (2010) National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian, New York City, United States

Reading the Talk (2015) Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada